In islam we are encouraged to seek knowledge and always strive for truth.

A humble tumblr (humblr) run by a Muslim brother and Muslim sister in two very different parts of the western world.


Salaam brothers and sisters!

My name is Hussnain, I’m 19, born and raised in England. Mixture of pakistani/arabian blood and alhamdulillah born into a muslim family. Growing up as a muslim in the west presents in itself a load of internal dilemmas, and I hope that sharing daily thoughts and experiences will be of benefit to some.

Asalaamu alaikum! My name is Leah and I am one half of the fantastic duo who will manage this blog inshAllah. I’m a revert to Islam living in Toronto, Ontario. I enjoy reading the Holy Qur’an, swimming in the ocean, and kittens. My personal blog is kindlemyheart.
InshAllah I’ll contribute some posts about being a Muslim in a non-Muslim family, wearing hijab and niqab, and trying to find my way as a Muslim through this crazy Western world. 

Ramadan Mubarak to you Lovely people!

I hope your fasts are going well, and may Allah reward you for the deeds you do during this sacred month =D

This tumblr is run by two muslims, one a Canadian Sister Revert to Islam, and one a British/Arab/Pakistani Brother brought up in Islam. Our introductions will follow soon!

To see people from all walks of life and of all ages bowing in submission together with you.

To walk again through the marbled columns of peace, and know that this is where your heart belongs.

Nothing can describe the feeling of being this close to your faith.

The way these minarets light up after maghrib takes your breath away.


subhanAllah <3

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